Pub­lic rela­tions and pro­fes­sion­al cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion ful­fil an impor­tant social func­tion at the inter­face between busi­ness, the pub­lic and pol­i­tics. This requires both com­pa­nies and PR agen­cies to deal respon­si­bly with com­mu­ni­ca­tion instru­ments, chan­nels and strate­gies that go beyond com­pli­ance with legal require­ments from trade­mark and copy­right law and title protection..


Com­mu­ni­ca­tion with responsibility

team­tosse is con­vinced that suc­cess­ful com­pa­nies are those that main­tain a sin­cere and humane rela­tion­ship with their stake­hold­ers, both inter­nal­ly and exter­nal­ly, and pur­sue their busi­ness pur­pose on the basis of eth­i­cal respon­si­bil­i­ty. Buzz­words such as “cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­i­ty”, “good gov­er­nance” or the increas­ing focus on the inter­na­tion­al­ly recog­nised ESG cri­te­ria, to which more and more com­pa­nies are com­mit­ting them­selves, prove the desire for sen­si­ble and fair busi­ness prac­tices and eth­i­cal standards.

We too want to be a fair, trust­wor­thy and pas­sion­ate part­ner to our clients. We put our hearts and minds into our work, iden­ti­fy with our clients and work accord­ing to the val­ues of the CODE D’ATHÈNES, which is still valid for the com­mu­ni­ca­tions indus­try today. This is what we at team­tosse stand for with our adher­ence to pro­fes­sion­al ethics and the asso­ci­at­ed val­ues of truth­ful­ness, hon­esty, trans­paren­cy, integri­ty and professionalism.

In times of a con­stant­ly increas­ing flow of infor­ma­tion, but also in the face of fake news, dis­in­for­ma­tion cam­paigns and the use of inter­net trolls, we send a sig­nal of trust to our cus­tomers and partners.


Respect­ful inter­ac­tion with each oth­er and with our partners

In addi­tion to adher­ing to pro­fes­sion­al ethics, team­tosse main­tains a trust­ing and appre­cia­tive rela­tion­ship with our clients, with­in the team and with our agency part­ners. Our deal­ings with each oth­er are char­ac­terised by col­le­gial­i­ty, fair­ness and respect for the achieve­ments, con­cerns and needs of others.

We val­ue the equal rights of all team mem­bers, regard­less of gen­der, ori­gin, age, reli­gion or social back­ground. team­tosse is con­vinced that diver­si­ty is part of suc­cess­ful human inter­ac­tion and a cor­ner­stone of suc­cess­ful teams in the work­ing world.

We act sus­tain­ably and respect­ful­ly towards fel­low human beings, nature and the envi­ron­ment. This includes con­serv­ing resources, act­ing con­scious­ly and using prod­ucts that are as envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly as pos­si­ble. We avoid domes­tic air trav­el and plan busi­ness trips as effi­cient­ly as possible.


With pas­sion and joy for the suc­cess of our clients

Even when things get hec­tic: we don’t want to over­load each oth­er but sup­port each oth­er. This includes a healthy approach to ten­sion and relax­ation, reg­u­lar breaks and (in most cas­es) a punc­tu­al end to work.

We want to work with pas­sion and joy for the suc­cess of our clients. This includes ful­fill­ing leisure time, whether alone, with fam­i­ly, friends, for hob­bies, trav­el, fur­ther edu­ca­tion and more. And dur­ing the week, we like to take the pres­sure off with our team break­fast, a joint lunch or team excursions.